Welcome to Prometheus Reborn Universal Foundation

Welcome to Prometheus Reborn Universal Foundation

Welcome to Prometheus Reborn Universal FoundationWelcome to Prometheus Reborn Universal FoundationWelcome to Prometheus Reborn Universal Foundation

Maximizing Human Potential

What you get

Maintain Focus,

Learning Y.O.U., (Your Own Understanding), 

Allow increase in energy

Understand how to make your dreams a reality.

Eliminate Fear, Guilt/Shame, and Hate

Whose giving it to you

Personal Developments Coordinators for Coach Sam Rutigliano, (Ex-head coach of the Cleveland Browns), Aiming Higher program.

Nominated for the 10 Million Dollar X-Prize.

Participate in the United Nations Incentive to Innovation Conference at U.N. Headquarters in New York.

Featured at the 2018 and 2019 Authenica presentation at the NFL Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Museum of Modern Art.


Personal Development Seminars for staff at the Stem Kids Educational Center.

Health Advisers for the MUNY Football/Cheerleaders.

Team physician for the STALLIONS Women's Basketball league.

Voiceitradio.com hosted by T.U.N.'s Dr.Squared Wednesday 6:00 pm.

How it's done

Noetics Science is the newest Science known to man.  It is the SCIENCE of Faith, Belief, and Intention.  Our CEO is a member of the the Institute of Noetic Science and has created the Trivalent Understanding Noetics, (T.U.N.).  T.U.N. is a method of using your spirit, mind, and body to focus your intention on what you desire.  This process can change how you function in as little as 133 seconds.  Being in T.U.N. is not only FAST it's FUN-since the classes are taught through the means of edutainment, (educating while entertaining).  An Edutainment session consist of comedy, music, psycho-drama:acting, plus information that you have never been given about how and why you function.

Prometheus Reborn Universal Foundation

The 4 Most Important Questions You Will be asked in Your Lifetime...


1.) How would you feel if you really understood the
meaning of your life?
2.)  What could you accomplish if you learned to
exercise your spirit, mind, and body simultaneously, (To focus both your will and your imagination on the same topic or objective)?

3.)  What would your life be like if you knew exactly who you were, (not just your name, occupation, or a personal characteristic but the essence of your identity)?

4.)  How would you act if you understood & learned the cycle of life and spirit, that most call life and death?


Live in the Light

HUMANS HAVE BEEN BASICALLY UNCHANGED SINCE THE TIME OF THE CAVEMAN, The difference between you and them is the amount of information you can utilize, about you and your world. The “Trivalent Understanding” presents information about you that allows for increased effectiveness and productivity of every member of your workforce. This increased ability is not an eventual result but occurs in as little as 133 seconds.

   "Maximizing Human Potential through Learning the Mechanisms of Operation of your Humanity On Understanding Your Humanity".

"No human is born with a manual to their being.  Each of us is left to family, friends, and the experiences of life to define what it means to be human. "

    "What if there was a method to teach you a more effective way to operate your humanity?"

Dr. Kwaku L. Carlisle Woods RN M.D. MetD1


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Prometheus Reborn Universal Foundation

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