REBORN Universal Foundation 

The Trivalent Understanding
Do you know you?      Do you even want to?

Have you ever got that feeling in the back of your mind that you were powerful beyond measure, wise, and gifted with abilities that you were just not able to tap?

What if I told you, you could be a more effective being in as little as 120 seconds? 

No tricks, no lie, and if you want to- the change is permanent.

Have you ever thought that you were more than anyone, (including yourself),
really knew?

Want to unleash your unused potential?

Then come to the first of a series of classes on the award winning breakthrough that is changing the face of humanity itself, “The Trivalent Understanding”.      

     Recognized by Dr. Peter Diamondis as a contestant for the 10 Million dollar X-Prize for Innovation in Health and Wellness, the creator of, "The Trivalent Understanding". Dr. Kwaku L.C. Woods RN M.D.MetD1 was invited to attend the United Nations Conference on innovation called Incentive2Innovation, where his revolutionary paradigms were the talk of the conference.     

      Dr. Woods, and his exciting cutting edge concepts have been elevating human potential ever since, teaching at three centers in the Cleveland area as well as in Maryland, Baltimore, Washington D.C., New York, Atlanta, Virginia, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Los Vegas, and Los Angeles     

      Basically you are taught techniques that allow you to utilize your spirit, your mind, and your body more effectively-with results in as little as 120 seconds, that will change the you that you thought you were forever. Classes take place in Cleveland, Ohio and are $20 per person. Space is limited so contact us to reserve your place for elevating the effectiveness of your being to the next stage of human development, “The Trivalent Understanding” .



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