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The Blessings of Slavery is the heart of the Trivalent Understanding in exciting novel format-that takes you on the most wonderful adventure of your life-into the potential that is you

“The Blessings of Slavery"

By Kwaku L. C. Woods RN M.D.MetD1

      Picture in your mind, not a book, but an awakening……  It is written as an adventure story with a hero not to be believed, and a heroine of today, tomorrow, and forever.  Now understand that the hero is real and the heroine is the prototype that you are to be.

     This is the most controversial book ever written in the English language.  It challenges the basis for modern society and gives scientific reasons for reliving the rest of your life.

     It achieves that through the medium of an adventure story full of emotion, personal violence, and cultural (spiritual) frustration.  Artfully balanced with understanding, love, and revelation of awesome truths.  Read and understand-listen and be transformed; believe and accept your “TRIVALENT UNDERSTANDING”.



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Review of the edutainment novel
The Blessings of Slavery

 "'The Blessings of Slavery' touched my Soul. For most of my life I walked through schooling systems, corporate environments, commerce centers and wondered why most of what I heard, saw and was taught did not uplift me as a Black womb-man in this society.

      I had arguments with people of all races regarding my thoughts that society was set up for us, as Black people in America, to fail. However, I knew that within myself and within many I loved was a spark deep within that waited to be ignited. This publication made me feel "at home", literally. It gave me a comfort that I have not yet experienced from a novel.

      As fictional as it is, so much of the dialogue stood out to me as very real and factual. I love the positive outlook and light that is upheld throughout the text, in the midst of the so-called harsh realities that the characters faced. Reading this book made me realize, yet again, how powerful we are as a people, because of our diversity, because of our innate strength and also due to our experience as a people whose ancestors were forced through physical slavery for centuries.

     We can overcome all challenges put in our path and thrive in our Highest forms! I recommend 'The Blessings of Slavery' for anyone who needs a reminder of their strength or who is seeking the answers to life's many unanswered questions. You will be inspired to acknowledge and Live your Power. May much abundance come to the author and all who read his Divinely guided writings."


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